Project | 01

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William Chris Vineyards 
Website and Customer Data Systems 

I assembled and worked with a team of two contracted developers to build the foundation for a fully customized, company-specific customer data platform (CDP) - set up to run on the backend of a completely re-designed website.

The website and CDP systems are also structured to support an inbound content strategy specific to William Chris Vineyards mission to 'share a piece of our world' while growing the brand's digital footprint. This encourages both online and offline engagement of key customers and prospects across B2C, DTC, and B2B channels. 


All completed within a four-month time frame, the site and data management systems build included a full rewrite of copy to accommodate the new sitemap and SEO strategy as well as complete data migration and sync from all former systems.

View website and linked/managed social media channels here.

Project | 02

Alchemy Systems  Website

I worked as one of three content marketers tasked with creating and implementing new branding and messaging for Alchemy. All done within a thirteen-week time frame. This included a full rewrite and design of the website in addition to creating all new marketing assets.


View the website with the various case studies, videos, and collateral.

Project | 03

Alchemy Systems Video Series

​Upon joining the Alchemy team, the company tasked me with building out their online footprint through multi-media, content marketing. I worked as the director, producer, and project manager for Alchemy's YouTube, social chanels, and blog. This project focused on consistent audience growth, engagement, and lead generation.

Project | 04

Old Town Spring Texas Crawfish and Music Festival ​

In its twenty-seventh year Texas Crawfish and Music Festival looked to give its image a face-lift and revive attendance that had been in decline. I led the public relations team generating wide-spread exposure in both local publications like Houston Chronicle, and national, tourist-focused articles in publications like The New York Times Sunday edition.


I also worked with affiliates at A&E as well as History Channel to cross promote hit shows Counting Cars and Duck Dynasty as a part of a revenue generating sponsorship agreement. 

Project |05

Bastrop, Texas Tourism Campaign

In the years following Bastrop, Texas' devestating wild fires the community struggled to rebuild its tourism industry. I worked on a team of four to combine resources from Bastrop Economic Development Corp., Bastrop CVB, Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, and the Bastrop Visitor's Center to build strategic campaigns centered around the town's local events and new found attractions. This included messaging development, social media and web design consultation, as well as creative collaboration on tourism/hotel revenue driving events.  

Project |06

Utopiafest ​(Utopia, TX)

In its third year, the burgeoning music festival was ready to create a media presence after parterning with Austin's Onion Creek Productions. I managed all publicity, sponosorships, and cross promotions that helped to put this festival on the media's radar for the first time. I curated and coordinated on site logistics for the artist/media area and backstage hospitality. I also assisted in booking one of the top bands on the lineup as well as side attractions. 

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